Axfang WarriorSmurf
"Never give up smurfs! Teamwork is the key!"

-Axfang to the other Warriors-

Axfang is a Fanfiction character from the Fanfiction "Warrior Smurfs" created by SmurfedMyMind


Name: Axfang WarriorSmurf

Gender: Male

Race: Warrior Smurf

Main Weapon: Sword

Inner Color: Dark Indigo

Occupation: Mentor




Status: Single


Axfang is Axsaber's younger brother and instead of a shark tooth he wears a Snake Fang which wear he earned his name, "Axfang" Warrior Smurf.

He wears dark indigo cuffs. Only he and Axmint knows Falcon's secret to Axsaber.


Summon a bow and arrow made of dark indigo light

Summon a dagger made of dark indigo light

Summon a sword made of dark indigo light


Can sense humans,smurfs, and animals from a distance


Axsaber- Brother

Axmint- Brother

Axis- Best Friend

Fernagon- Apprentice

Falcon- Father

Venus- Uncle