"Who are you calling Blueberry?!"

-Bluesey to Axmint-

Bluesey is a Fanfiction character from the Fanfiction "Warrior Smurfs" created by SmurfedMyMind.


Name: Bluesey WarriorSmurf a.k.a. Bluesey RogueWarrior

Gender: Male

Race: WarriorSmurf/RogueWarrior

Main Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Inner Color: Blue

Alignment: Good/Bad

Occupation: Guard




Status: Single


Bluesey is one of Vioren's brothers. He is second in command and wears blue cuffs on both his arms and legs and a blue stash.

Axmint often calls him "Blueberry" because his inner color is blue.


Summon a bow and arrow made of blue light

Summon a dagger made of blue light

Summon a sword made of blue light


Can sense humans,smurfs, and animals from a distance 


Vioren- Brother

Maroon- Brother

Axmint- Rival

Axsaber- Rival

Axfang- Rival

Falcon- Ally/Enemy

Venus- Ally/Enemy

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