Dark DrakeDragon
"I apologize for the lack of my wisdom..."

Dark is a Fanfiction character from the Fanfiction "Dragon Smurfs" created by SmurfedMyMind.

Dark was once a possesed DrakeDragon until his brother, Midnight, choked him until he was back to normal. He is younger than Midnight.


Name: Dark DrakeDragon

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon Smurf

Occupation: Scout



Status: Single


Dark is once a possesed DrakeDragon that had been cured by his older brother, Midnight. He is also his brother's apprentice, he is also hardly off-guard but because he's a bit playful, sometimes he is found off-guard which why he got possesed.

Like his brother, Dark finds himself non-impressed by any Dragoness.

Abilities: Smurf and Dragon FormEdit

Making Fog Rise


Making It Dark Wherever he goes



Emotions- He is hardly found smiling

Manners- He also talks wisely like his brother but tries his best not to act impolite


Midnight- Brother/Teacher

Razor- Rival

Medley- Best Friend

DrakeDragon Queen-Mother

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