Denisa's Doll
Denisa's doll was an ordinary toy doll owned byDenisa that was transformed into a type of voodoo doll in the cartoon show episode "Denisa's Greedy Doll". Gargamel cast a spell on it so that by manipulating the doll, he would manipulate the owner of whatever piece of clothing the doll is currently wearing. The first victim of that doll was, Greedy Smurf, whose apron was put on the doll so that he would be under the control of Gargamel with the doll. When Denisa visited Gargamel's hovel to get her doll, the wizard was distracted so that the Smurfs removed Greedy's apron from the doll and replaced it with a garment made from Gargamel's robe, thus making Gargamel the new victim of the doll.