"You can't hide forever!" Then he looked at him with his fiery red eyes and said, "Can you hold them longer? I can't smurf the fact to leave my family, friends, and home."

"Flame you have to go!" said an icy blue dragon as it pinned a black dragon to the ground, "NOW FLAME!" Then the red dragon flew away as fast as he can. He looked over his shoulder one last time and made his way.

A smurf with red eyes and wore a black coat looked up the sky and saw the red dragon escaping. "After Him!" he yelled as four black dragons flew after the red one.

"Flame!" yelled another smurf as the red dragon turned around and saw the black dragons. He breath out a nasty fire ball and knocked the four dragons out. Then he flew away and dissapeared in the dawn sky.

"I don't care if he escapes, it'll be easy to smurf that smurf. But today, victory is ours!" Then the evil smurf laughed in an evil voice as the three dragon smurf friends of the red dragon watched in horror while they were locked in chains.

End of PrologueEdit

It was a smurfy morning, all the smurfs were at Farmer's farm harvesting the crops.

"Phew!" Hefty said, as he wiped his sweat from his forehead. "Quite a hot day right Marco?"

Marco was panting and he looked at Hefty, "Ahahaha! Right lad..." Then he stopped to catch his breath and continued, "I'd rather be out smurfing pepper than be smurfing crops!"

Handy looked at both of them and said, "Well you did say that you'll never go pepper trading that long, now you arrived at the harvest season."

Marco ignored Handy and said, "Well lads, I'm thirsty, I'll go smurf a drink from Greedy."

He turned around and before he could take a few more steps, "Great smurfness me!" Then Marco jumped and landed on the ground.
Marco Sitting

He felt stunned, his vision got a little blury and finally became clear again.

He shook his head. "Well what's this?" he said while staring on the giant red beast that landed infront of him.

He stared at it for a few minutes and suddenly, "Ugh..." The beast said. Marco came closer.

He poked it, the skin felt scaley like a reptile. He circled around it and spotted the beast's head. "Still breathing and alive I see. That's a relief then."

He continued circling around it and spotted two enormous wings. He then gasped and said, "It... It... I.. It's... A Dra... Dragon!!!" He shouted.

Then he covered his mouth and looked around to see if anysmurf heard. He again looked at the dragon, he saw it disappeared. "Now where did he smurf off to?"

He came closer  and looked down the hole it made and was shocked to see.

Flame Unconcious
The dragon was gone but now he found an unconcious smurf wearing a red coat with gold stripes on the end of each sleeve. And the coat had a fire symbol on it.

"My smurfness! I better take that smurf to Doctor Smurf!"

Then he thought about it for a moment.

"On second thought, my house."


"Ow... My head... Where am I?" The smurf said as his blurry vision became clear and he saw Marco, sitting on a chair next to the bed.

He sat up and asked, "Who the smurf are you? And your not one of Dark's minions are you?"

Marco was surprised at what the smurf said and he replied, "Ahahahaha! Sorry lad! I don't know what your talking about but I'll tell you where you are." He paused to see if anysmurf was spying on his window. Then he continued, "Let me intoduce myself, I am Marco Smurf, and I brought you to my house. I found you unconcious."

The smurf looked at him. Marco could see no trust in his eyes and he continued, "Let's say a dragon crashed infront of me. It disappeared and I found you in the hole it left." Then he laughed and said, "Of course you wouldn't believe me, dragons aren't true of course!"

The smurf sat up suddenly and angrily said, "of course dragons are true! They're all true! In fact, I'm a dragon my..." Then he paused and realized what he said.

Marco gave out a big sigh and said, "Now lad, mind smurfing me who you are and where you smurf from?"

The smurf said in a gloomy voice, "The name's Flame, and the dragon you saw was me..." Marco was shocked at his words, Flame continued, "You see my friend, I am a Dragon Smurf, I escaped my home. Which I think I can't remember where my home was and why I escaped."

Marco stared at him and thought, "he did hit his head hard." and he said, "I'll help you then!" He said with an excited voice, Flame answered, "You can? How? All I remember that my is an island. The sea is big and we won't know how to smurf there."

Marco said, "Ahahaha! Your looking at the smurf who smurfed the seven seas! I will just need to smurf some smurfs to come and we'll be on our way!" Then he thought and said, "Of course we will need you to try the best you can remember the landmarks you flew past before you crashed."

Flame smiled then nodded... Then Marco smiled back and went to get some smurfs to come.

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