Conversation; **** to HourPastEdit



"What about now?"



"Not yet, patience, wait ti'll they all start the war."


"If you want your sister safe, can you please wait?"


End of Conversation; **** to HourPastEdit

"They arrived Master," said one of the possesed DragonSmurf, Dark nodded and the DragonSmurf walked away.

Dark said to Possesed Flame, "Show me the strongest you can smurf!" Possesed Flame nodded as he turned into a Dragon and flew away.

When the non-possesed DragonSmurfs arrived, they were startled by a voice behind that yelled, "HELP!" They all looked behind and saw a WindDragon named Breeze, he was struggling as a possesed DrakeDragon held him tight.

Herzel sniffed the air and yelled, "AMBUSH!" Then all the DragonSmurfs turned to Dragons and fought with the ambushing Dragons.

Volcanic sniffed for any scent of Flame. Then he looked back as a loud roar startled him. Flame threw Razor to the ground, Flames eyes were red and he gave Volcanic an evil grin. Volcanic shook his head and said, "Flame No!!!" Then Flame leaped on Volcanic and pinned him to the ground.

Snow leaped on Flame but Flame managed to throw her to the ground.

Volcanic tried to aim at Flame's neck but Flame threw him again.

After a moment they were beside a cliff.

Midnight, was the only non-possesed DrakeDragon. He saw Dark and leaped on his Brother. Midnight said, "Are you out of your smurf?! then he punched Dark as Dark tried to struggle back to his feet.

Midnight stunned him, he held his neck tight. Dark struggled as Midnight choked him. He scratched Midnight but Midnight won't take any chances of letting go of his brother. Anger on the spirit snakes possesed him and he said, "My brother, fight it! Fight the spirit snake! Smurf back to me!"

Midnight's words stunned him as the spirit snake flew away from him. Dark was then unconscious. Midnight hugged his brother and he looked up and saw the most giant spirit snake. It hissed and tried to bite Midnight.

It tried to posses him. Midnight was groaning painfully. Then a voice said, "NOW!"

They all looked behind and saw a lot of Dragons fly down and spit fire, ice, and any elements on the giant spirit snake.

The spirit snake growled painfully and swished it's head against the ambushing dragons.

Snow looked at the IceDragon that was one of the ambushing dragons. She was overwhelmed by joy as she shouted, "Nova!" everydragon looked at the sky and Nova smiled. Everydragon felt happy to know Nova was still alive!

The others noticed the AmbushingDragons only target was the Queen Spirit Snake. So they flew away from their fight and instantly killed the Queen.

The possesed dragons fainted except Flame. They saw the Spirit Snake in Flame was strong. He fought Volcanic. Volcanic was still stunned.


FuturePath hugged HourPast then his head shown a strange scene.

Volcanic choked Flame real hard and FuturePath saw the spiritsnake fly away. He heard Flame say, "You haven't smurfed me yet!" FuturePath was stunned to see Flame scratch Volcanic's chest.

He shook his head away from the prediction and yelled, "Volcanic! Get the smurf out there!"

Volcanic didn't hear and he choked Flame hard. The spirit snake flew away and Flame grinned as he felt dizzy, "You haven't... Smurfed Me yet! Take this before I smurf!" Then he scratched Volcanic deep and Volcanic felt much pain.

Flame's eyes turned back to normal and he fell to the ground, he looked at Volcanic. He felt guilt. Volcanic smiled. "Flame.... I... I know it fe...feels unsm...unsmurfy...." Then his eyes closed and he said, "I... I know it's hard for you Flame but it's for the best." Then he fell down the cliff.

The others saw in fright. Flame saw his brother fall, "V...Vol....Volcanic!" Then he fainted and was unconscious.


He woke up and saw Nova smiling at him, "Nova! Your alive!" Nova smiled and said, "I was alive thanks to HourPast," HourPast blushed and turned to FuturePath, his eyes were gloomy and he looked at Flame.

Flame remembered Volcanic, "That... That wasn't a dream?" Nova stared at the floor and shook his head. Flame burst into tears and felt ashamed.

Marco stepped in and said, "Relax lad, look on the smurfy side! He's proud of you" then he smiled at Flame. Flame nodded and turned to Snow. Snow smiled and she hugged Flame.

"Daddy!" called Mild as he ran and hugged his father.

Nova said, "Now what about Uncle?" Mild lookes at Nova and giggled and hugged Nova.

Dark came in with Midnight, they all stared at him and Midnight said, "He's smurfed to normal guys! Why smurf at him like that?"

Dark looked at the floor and said, "I'm sorry for all the mischeif I smurfed," Razor interupted, "Prove your normal!"

Dark looked at a DrakeDragon smurfette, it was his love interest, Drephine. He didn't want to reveal his love but he pulled her and kissed her.

Drephine blushed and kissed his cheek, "Oh Dark!" then she hugged him.

Razor said, "Well, that was enough." then he laughed silently.

Handy said, "Let's forget these troubles and let's smurf back to the village!" Dreamy agreed and Marco said, "Well, goodbye Flame! This smurf hopes you have a smurfy life! Ahahahaha!" Then they set off as Flame walked with Snow and Mild.


"Where am I?"

"Oh your awake, I found you unconcious, you were injured so I smurfed you here."

"Who are you?"

"I am Feluke, how about you?"

"I don't know, I can't remember anything, do you know my name?"

"You got smurfnesia, but from this day on I'll call you Forge"

"Forge, That seems fine."

The EndEdit

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