Fern EarthDragon
"Stop smurfing my twigs! Hehe..."

-Fern to Shockelyn-

Fern is a Fanfiction character from the Fanfiction "Dragon Smurf" created by SmurfedMyMind.

Fern is Evergreen and Mahogany's younger sister. 


Name: Fern EarthDragoness

Gender: Female

Race: DragonSmurf

Occupation: Scout




Status: Single


Fern is like all EarthDragons, playful.

Like Evergreen she is nice and would add a giggle at the end of her angry words. When she fights and knocks out her opponent, she says, "Well, so sorry but I had to... Are you okay?"

She has a crush on HourPast but she doesn't know if he feels the same.

Abilities: Dragon and Smurf FormEdit

Can communicate with animals

Can talk to plants

Can control plants

Can sense animals, humans, and other smurfs from a far distance

Can create an earthquake


Emotions- Fern shows sadness and anger always mixed with smiles

Talent- Fern loves to sing and dance

Energy- She hardly gets tired


Evergreen- Brother

Mahogany- Brother/Teacher

Shockelyn- Friend/Rival

Stream- Bestfriend

Razor- Rival

EarthDragon Queen- Mother