"I just love smurfing music!"
Harmony Smurf

Harmony Smurf is a musician who especially loves to play the trumpet, although his musical ability shows a total lack of harmony, and he is usually asked to stop playing as soon as he gets started. Some English editions name him as Rocker Smurf.


Name: Harmony Smurf

Gender: Male

Race: Smurf

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Musician

Village Siren

Status: Single


Harmony is the worst musician there is. His main instrument is his trumpet, which is completely off-key. In fact, he's something of a multi-instrumentalist; in "Smurphony In C" he was given the opportunity to try other instruments when the other Smurfs were trying to figure out if a different instrument would make any difference. They let him play the lute, the trombone, the harp, and the harmonium, all of which ended up sounding really off-key.

there are moments where he's asking for trouble. In "Romeo and Smurfette", Harmony keeps on interrupting Handy  and Hefty's love songs for Smurfette by blowing his horn everytime they're close to finishing. He did this until they threw him out of the village, in the same manner they throw out Brainy.


Harmony's role is supposed to be the musician of the Smurfs who is supposed to play beautiful music. Instead, he just blows his off-key trumpet at random times. He occasionly plays a musician role, when the Smurfs are celebrating. In fact, the Smurfs turn to him when they need music.

In times of danger, Harmony's role would be that of a village siren, where he would play his horn to warn the other Smurfs. This role would be taken over by Crazy Smurf in the 2011 Smurfs Movie.


Voice [Cartoon]- Hamliton Camp

French Name- Schtroumpf Musicien


Papa Smurf- Father

97 Male Smurfs- Brothers

3 Smurflings- Younger Brothers

Sassette- Younger Adopted Sister

Smurfette- Adopted Sister

Baby- Adopted Baby Brother