Picture Needed
"It's for your own good."

-Jaime to His Brothers-

Jaime is a character from the Fanfiction, "Modern Smurfs: The Shadow Smurfs" by Vanity Smurf


Name: Jaime Vereau Smurf

Gender: Male

Race: Modern Smurf

Nationality: French

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Nurse


Jaime is fifth born of the Vereau Family. Jaime was interested in medications since he was a smurfling. He can cure any deep wound.

Jaime is also hard to beat when someone challenges him. Like the time his rival challenged him on curing deep wounds and another rival challenged him on a heart transplant. Jaime always wins and is never out-smarted in arguements.




Name Meaning- "Jaime" means, "I Love"


All Vereau Smurfs- Brothers/Sisters

Adrian- Cousin

Andrea- Cousin

Andrew- Cousin

Annabelle- Cousin

Anastasia- Cousin

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