The wind blew as they sailed, then Brainy suddenly shouted out,

"Sea monster! Sea monster!" Then all the smurfs on board looked behind the ship while Snappy Smurfling said, "That's no monster, that's Puppy!" then Hefty said, "Snappy's right, it's just Puppy." Then he realized it was Snappy, they all said, "Snappy?!" Dreamy asked, "What are you doing here Snappy?" then Snappy said "I wasn't gonna miss Marco Smurf for anything!" 

Just then,Puppy stepped inside the ship which sent Brainy falling where he was standing. Puppy then managed to rescue Brainy.

Just then, a seagull, with Marina's letter, flew down and handed the letter to Dreamy, "It's from Marina," he said, When Handy heard he asked, "From Marina? What's wrong is she in trouble?" Hefty looked at Handy and said, "slow down Handy let the Captain smurf it" Dreamy then said, "Marina's not in trouble," he continued, "There's a smurrf prisoner on a pirate ship." Then Smurfette said, "Oh! It must be Marco!"

Then another ship caught Hefty's sight and he said, "Captain!" Dreamy looked at him, "What is it Hefty?" Hefty continued, "There's a smurf prisoner  aboard that ship!" 

Just then, at the Pepper Pirate's ship, one pirate said, "Captain!" he shouted pointing to Dreamy's ship, then he continued, "There are others aboard that ship!" then the Captain asked, "Whaat color?" The pirate looked again and answered, "Blue sir!" the Captain gave Marco an evil stare and said, "Marco's friends" he said to Marco with an evil grin.

Marco heard in shock and said, "What? Where?!" then he demanded, "Smurf me free!" the Captain said, where's your jolly hahahaha now?" then he ordered, "Men to your battle stations!" whille Marco said angrily, "You Scaundral!"

The pirates were shooting Dreamy's ship, but instead of canon balls, it was pepper, that was often landing at Brainy leaving him saying "A..A...Achoo!"

Then a fog lifted that Dreamy saw a chance to hide, he told everyone to keep quiet, but Puppy gave a single loud "Bark!" then Smurfette put her finger on Puppy's mouth and said, "Shush..."

Meanwhile, Marco suddenly shouted "Run Smurfs!" and the Pepper Pirate Captain put his hand on Marco's mouth and sticks his nose to his and mumured, "Your luck will soon run out Marco Smurf," Marco then put his chin up and said, "Ahahahaha," with an offensive voice and the pirate ship set out to sea again.


Then Dreamy and his crew was in the middle of the sea, feeling faliure, Brainy said, "Let's just go back to the village!" Then Dreamy said, "No! We better smurf back and find Marco! That's why we left anyway," he said and Hefty replied, "But how will we know where they took him?" 

A voice then inturupted saying, "I know!" Handy looked down the ship and said, "Marina! I missed you!" Marina replied, "I missed you too Handy," then they all tied Handy to a rope and sent him down the ship to ask Marina. 

After Handy asked Marina, he tried to stretch down to hug her but ended up falling in the water, laughing with Marina.

Brainy then inturupted saying, "Handy, if your finished taking a bath, the Captain would like to get moving please." Marina then said to Handy, "Tell Dreamy to follow me, I'll lead the way."

Then they hauled Handy back in the ship and they followed Marina.


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