Mild FiceDragon
"I believe I'm not the only cross-breed in the world!"

-Mild to Nova-

Mild is a Fanfiction character from the Fanfiction "Dragon Smurfs" created by SmurfedMyMind

Mild is a crossbreed of an Ice and FireDragon. Which is of course a crossbreed from Snow and Flame, Fire and Ice is Fice.


Name: Mild FiceDragon

Gender: Male

Race: DragonSmurf

Occupation: Apprentice




Status: Single


Mild is a crossbreed dragon from Flame and Snow. 

Mild's coat is mixed with a Fire and IceDragon's coat. He is playful and has his uncle, Nova, as a mentor. Which is from him he gets half a lack of sense of humor. But still he sometimes doesn't take things seriously.

He is a swift runner and fyer which makes him a messenger.


Able to hold fire

Summon Avalanche

Freeze target

Can Create a fire ball

Can control Fire

Can freeze everything he steps

Can burn everything he steps

Can ride on fire


Immunity- He is immune to both fire and ice

Talent- He is a good singer

Energy- He hardly gets tired or bored


Snow- Mother

Flame- Father

Voltage- Rival

Nova- Uncle [Mother Side]/Mentor

Volcanic- Uncle [Father Side]

FireDragon Queen- Grandmother [Father Side]

IceDragon Queen- Grandmother [Mother Side]