One very windy day in the modern smurf dimension...

"Alright, nosmurf disturb me, I'm going to smurf on a little experiment." Said a modern smurf named Paine. All his brothers watched him walk to his room and carefully closed the door.

"I hope it doesn't explode..." Said Paine's brother named Varden.

In Paine's room, he was putting together all the ingredients. "There we go, all I need now is..." Before he could finish, the lights went out. "Must be black out because of the strong wind.". Paine took out a candle and lit it up.

"WHOOPS!" he said when he accidently poured half of the potion on the floor, and all over his shadow. "Well, it wasn't done yet. So I guess nothing will happen." Then he set down the candle and went out to fetch a towel.

Paine's brother, Peverall, was down stairs lighting up candles while sweeping the floor. Paine said, "Hey Peverall, can you smurf me a towel? I accidently spilled a potion in the room and I need to clean it up." Peverall took a mop and said, "I'll smurf it for you." Then he ran to Paine's room.

Peverall was about to wipe the floor then he shouted, "Paine! Smurf here quick!". Paine ran to his room while his brothers, Maitland and Varcher whispered to one another, "Did Paine meant to smurf a potion to make his shadow gone?" Varcher answered, "I guess so..."

When Paine got up Peverall met him at the door and almost bumped into him, "You were too late! Your shadow! It's alive! Alive!" Then he fainted and Paine said, "Oh no, I must've smurfed a potion and..." Before he could finish, his brother Vardain, which was Varden's twin, shouted.

Varden quickly ran to him and asked, "What the smurf is wrong twin?". Vardain was frozen and said, "M..My... My shadow... I... Saw another shadow... Then it touched my shadow and my shadow became alive and they both ran downstairs!"

"Oh my smurfs Paine!" Varden shouted while he ran to Paine. "Fix this now!" Varden said. Paine looked around and he heard someone say, "Thank you creator, for giving us a chance to show what shadows can do to the world!" Paine turned around and saw his shadow standing in front of him.

Paine asked, "Wh.. What do you mean what shadows can do? Your just shadows!". Paine's shadow answered, "Oh we are more than just shadows..." Then Paine's shadow grew bigger and bigger and picked Paine up and said, "And you are no more than ants..." Then he threw Paine away.

"HEEEELP!!!" Paine shouted. His strong brother, Valeray, ran and caught him. "You okay?" He asked. Paine nodded and saw all his brother's shadows turn alive and joined his shadow and disappeared out the window. But before disappearing, Paine's shadow said, "the name's Eniap" then he grinned and disappeared with the others.

"They got away!" Maitland said. "Evacuate!" Varcher shouted. "We're all gonna die!" Varden shouted. "Get a hold of yourselves! We'll stop them!" Paine's brother, Ranier said. Paine got up and said,"I must smurf a cure! And fast!". Then he turned to his adopted brother Possess, and said, "Do you think you could track them down?"

Possess nodded and said, "They're smurf in an abandoned home." Paine nodded and ran to his room to get the spell book. Paine's brother Varocher said, "What if we die?! I don't wanna die young!" Then Paine's brother Ranger walked toward Varocher and said, "We'll smurf them, don't worry...".

Paine got back and said, "They smurfing took the spell book!" But we're not hopeless yet. I can still try to remember the ingredients but in the mean time, somesmurf keep watch of those shadows."

Ranger and Ranier looked at each other. Ranger said, "We'll keep a smurf on the but we need Posses to come. Posses nodded and went on their way.


"Are we there yet?" Ranger asked as they walked very far from their home. Possess answered, "We're here alright." Ranier looke up and saw an old looking house.

Possess said, "I got a smurfy feeling about this." Then he smiled and they carefully sneeked into the garden. Ranger had keen hearing and he put his ear near the window and he heard the shadows talking.

"We'll show the world we are more than just shadows!" Eniap said. Varden's shadow, Nedrav, answered, "And how's that? There are many lights! We'll surely burn!" All the shadows agreed. "Silence!" Eniap shouted. "We we'll get rid of the lights one by one! We find their source of electricity and cut all the power. Then we'll control all the shadows and turn the world cold and dark." Eniap insisted.

Paine's brother Paige's shadow, Egiap said, "And how about the sun? It is clearly a masterpiece that cannot be smurfed! It'll burn us quickly!". Eniap answered, "Not in an eclipse oui?". Maitland's shadow, D'naltaim answered, "And how are we going to smurf an eclipse?"

Eniap rolled his eyes and turned the radio on. The radio said, "Attention smurfs! We smurf tommorow night a solar eclipse!" Then Eniap turned the radio off and said, "Easy oui? We'll make the world dark before you know it. We'll smurf a permanent shadow that cannot be burned out!"

Paine's brother Verell's shadow, Llerev answered, "And how are we going to smurf a permanent shadow?" Eniap grinned and said, "I am Paine's shadow, and his expertise are alchemy, because I am his shadow, I too, know alchemy."

Ranger stood up and whispered to Ranier and Posses, "We smurfed enough! Let's warn the others!"


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