Paine saw Ranier shooting arrows with Glow Sand on them and the shadows faded quickly. Then he shouted, "Ranier!" Ranier looked up and saw Paine cornered. 

Eniap made a ball of shadow and shot it in the sky and he said, "Now the Eclipse will really smurf!" Then Eniap took Paine's watch and said, "And you've only got five minutes." Then Eniap dropped Paine's watch on the ground and he grinned.

Eniap added, "Enough time to smurf you!" Then he made a knife made of shadows and hit Paine on the arm. "Ouch!" Paine shouted which made Jaime look up and he said to Darell,"I better smurf to help Paine." Darell nodded and Jaime ran to climb up the roof.

Paine ran to get to the top of the roof where he can release the solution. "You'll see! You'll all smurf away before you can smurf me!" Paine said as he kicked Eniap on the foot. Eniap fell and Reinar teleported in front of Paine.

"Not so fast!" Then he shot Paine's sleeve. When he was about to shoot Paine, Ranier shot Reinar's hand and Reinar dropped the bow. "Smurf away from him!" Ranier shouted.

Jaime managed to get on the roof and he put a bandage on Paine's arm. Paine continued to climb up the roof but was blocked by Ecnar.

Varden was being chased by his shadow, Nedrav. Varden saw Paine accidently drop the solution and Ecnar was running to get it. "Oh my smurfs!" Varden shouted. He threw the Glow Sand on Nedrav's face and caught the solution before Ecnar did.

"Why you little!" Ecnar said while Rance grabbed him and threw him on the ground and said, "Let's see how fast you can race!" Then he ran fast while Ecnar chased him.

Varden threw the solution back to Paine but instead of Paine catching it, Eniap caught the solution and threw it to the ground and it broke.

"NO!" Paine shouted. Everyone of his brothers looked up and saw the bottle crash into peices. Possess teleported to it but he didn't catch it.

All the shadows grinned and the eclipse was in place. "What says you now Paine!" Eniap shouted. Paine looked around and remembered the Glow Sand. He threw some into Eniap's face and shouted, "Run! Smurf to the house!"

So he and his brothers ran back to his house and they managed to out run them with the help of Possess. Darell and Jaime were curing their brothers while Paine was in his room making more Glow Sand.

"We still have a chance! I'll make a Light Potion and it'll be even smurfier the shadows will smurf even when they don't touch it!" Paine suggested.

They all nodded and Paine added, "We'll also get the power back on so the street lamps will also help! we don't have much time, come on smurfs!" Then they went on their way.


Maitland found the place where the city gets power, so he said, "I found it! Go smurf on the Light Potion Paine, and me and Varcher will smurf the power back on." Paine nodded and finished making the potion.

Ranger heard whispers outside and when he looked out, millions of shadows were walking and summoning more shadows. "We're out-numsmurfed!" Ranger shouted to his brothers. Paine suggested, "We need help!".

Vachel grinned and took out his phone and dialed a number:

"Hey Adrian, you think you can smurf here? We really need your help."-Vachel

"Help for what? I'm kinda busy right now Vachel."-Adrian

"Just smurf here cousin!"-Vachel

When Vachel ended the call, after a few minutes a smurf ran into the tent. "For smurfness sake! There are shadows out there!" Their cousin Adrian shouted. "Yes, and we need you to distract them." Paine said while grinning.

"Are you out of your smurf?!" Adrian shouted. Vachel took out a bottle filled with black ink and was similar to the Shadow Solution. "Here, run out side with this bottle, run as smurf as you can!" Vachel said. Adrian refused and said, "What if they smurf me? What will I smurf for defense?".

Paine answered, "Take this flashlight, and this box of matches, shadows smurf in light so these are your weapons." Adrian said, "but..." but before he could finish, Paine said, "Please Adrian! Not another smurf now go!" So Adrian took the bottle of fake Shadow Solution and he went outside.

Maitland managed to fix the north part of the city's light and the most of the shadows got burned. "One colony down, three colonies of shadows to go!" Maitland said to Varcher.

Paine finished the Light Potions and he said, "Just throw bottle to the shadows and the bottle will explode, then, there'll be enough time to make another solution!"

All his brothers nodded and each took Light Potions.


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