Nova IceDragon
"I never trusted a TimeDragon until I almost died..."

Nova is a Fanfiction charcter from the Fanfiction "Dragon Smurfs" created by SmurfedMyMind

Nova is a brave IceDragon that was almost died but saved by HourPast, a TimeDragon. He is also considered "Charming" by the other IceDragoness'


Name: Nova IceDragon

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon

Occupation: Teacher




Status: Single


Nova is a brave dragon and is the first born of all the IceDragons, which makes him Second-In-Command in IceDragon territory.

IceDragoness' consider him as a "Charming" IceDragon from the way he talks and acts.

He also has a british accent.

Abilities: Smurf and Dragon FormEdit

Freeze target

Summon Avalanche

Create an earthquake [Snowscapes Only]

He can make icy air blow hard


Emotions- He lacks sense-of-humor

Talent- He can't sing neither can he dance


Flame- Best Friend

Mild- Nephew/Apprentice

Snow- Sister

FuturePath- Former Rival

HourPath- Close Friend

IceDragon Queen- Mother