Sassette (Evil)

Sassette when she was still evil.

Sassette Smurfling

Sassette when she was not evil anymore.

"You ugly rats!"

Sassette was created by the Smurflings to serve as a sister for Smurfette.

"Leaping Lizards!"


Name: Sassette

Gender: Female

Race: Smurf

Alignment: Evil, then later Good

Occupation: Not Specified

Status: Single


Like Smurfette, Sassette was evil at first as she was created using Gargamel's original spell, but with a Smurf-sized lump of magical blue clay. Papa Smurf used the same potion on her that he had used on Smurfette to make her a real Smurf. Sassette is a little freckled red-haired female Smurfling with pigtails, and pink overalls. She calls Papa Smurf "Pappy" and Grandpa Smurf "Grandpy". She has somewhat of a warm place in her heart for Gargamel since she was made by his spell, calling him "Pappy Gargamel".


Sassette is a tomboyishly beautiful, playful and energetic smurfling and is willing to get dirty just to have some fun. During her debut episode, Sassette liked playing usual boy games, like marbles, climbing trees, digging for earthworms, arm wrestling and even mud playing. She did gain some feminine interests over time.


Voice [Cartoon]- Julie McWhirter

French Name- Sassette (her French name is still "Sassette")


Papa Smurf- Adopted Father

97 Male Smurfs- Adopted Brothers

3 Smurflings- Adopted Younger Brothers

Smurfette- Adopted Sister

Baby- Adopted Baby Brother

Gargamel- Adopted Evil Father

Melina- Best Friend