Shockelyn LightningDragon
"FuturePath you shocked my heart!"

-Shockelyn to FuturePath-

Shockelyn is a Fanfiction character from the Fanfiction "Dragon Smurfs" created by SmurfedMyMind

Shockelyn is FuturePath's love interest. She loves fixing her hair with random accesories.


Name: Shockelyn LightningDragoness

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon Smurf

Occupation: Scout



Status: Dating


Shockelyn has deep black hair and a long gold coat. She has a crush on FuturePath and she knows Future feels the same.

Shockelyn is a lot girly, she loves fixing her hair with anything she could smurf. Sometimes, she clips twigs onto it. But most of the time she sticks with thunderbolts on her hair.

She is a playful Dragoness and she loves to sing and dance. 


Dragon Form:

Breath out thunder

Can ride [ONLY] on Storm Clouds

Can hold thunder bolts

Smurf Form:

Can make a thunder orb

Can hold thunder bolts

Can make thunder bolts

Can ride [ONLY] on Storm Clouds


Hygeine- She doesn't mind twigs in her hair, she even uses them as a clip

Playful- She often doesn't take things seriously

Teacher- She teaches FuturePath how to dance and sing


FuturePath- Future Husband

Razor- Brother

Gleam- Best Friend

Fern- Rival

Voltage- Brother

LightningDragon Queen- Mother