Picture Needed
"Like my twin, I'm not ugly!"

-Vardain to Adrian-

Vardain is a character from the Fanfiction, "Modern Smurfs: The Shadow Smurfs" by Vanity Smurf


Name: Vardain Vereau Smurf

Gender: Male

Race: Modern Smurf

Nationality: French

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Student


Vardain is the eleventh born of the Vereau Family. Vardain is Varden's twin who also likes looking at mirrors. Vardain is also braver than his twin Varden.




Fear- Not like Varden, Vardain only fears black bears a bit

Talent- Vardain knows how to make handcrafts


All Vereau Smurfs- Brothers/Sisters

Adrian- Cousin

Andrea- Cousin

Andrew- Cousin

Annabelle- Cousin

Anastasia- Cousin

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