"Ugh... Wha...What Happened?" Axsaber asked as he woke up. He looked at Treant as Treant said, "Saber! Your awake!"

Axsaber looked on both of his sides and asked, "Me?" Treant said, "Yeah you... What's wrong?" Axsaber scratched his head and looked around.

"Where am I? Who are you? Who am I?" he asked. Treant shook his head, "No! This is not the time to smurf smurfnesia! Smurf out of it!"

Axsaber just looked at him with puzzled eyes. Treant said, "Your name is Axsaber Warrior Smurf, I'm your best friend, Treant!" he shook his friend and Axsaber stood up and said, "Stop that!" then he pushed Treant out of the way and walked out the door.

Poet ran to him and said, "Axsaber! Your okay!" Axsaber scratched his head and said, "So I'm Axsaber... Who are you?"

Poet was stunned, "Wha...What?! You can't be serious!" Hefty walked by and laughed quietly, Handy stared at Hefty. Clearly he knew that Hefty was behind all this.

Handy sighed and followed Hefty. Treant ran to Poet and said, "He's not allowed to smurf Smurfnesia! He'll be weak! How can he smurf himself from the Dark Warriors?!"

Poet heard it again, Axsaber also mentioned that to him so he asked, "What are these Dark Warriors?"

Treant held Poet's hand and waved his hand that made green light surround them. Treant let go of Poet's hand and said, "These are Dark Warriors..."

Dark Warrior

Poet mumured, "Kinda smurfsome don't you think?" Treant nodded and said, "They are enemy Warriors."

He added, "Our village got overwhelmed by them, the others survived but me and Axsaber got captured."

Poet said, "And then?"

"We escaped, but we got separated... Now we found each other we should smurf his memory back!" Then he paused and added, "I bet the Dark Warriors are searching for us right now."

Poet nodded and the vision disappeared.

Poet thought and said, "If the others survive! Then we could find and smurf them here!" Treant liked the idea and said, "First thing in the morning!"

They were about to walk away when they heard, "Treant! Get your smurf over here! My blueprints are smurfed! Your friend smurfed them!"

Treant ran and found Architect staring angrily at Axsaber. Architect said, "After all I smurfed for you!" Treant quickly said, "Architect! he smurfed smurfnesia, he doesn't know what he's doing!"

Architect just walked away and said, "Well, it's back to the drawing board!" Treant rolled his eyes and lead Axsaber to their home.

When he passed Poet he said, "Us Warriors, when we smurf smurfnesia, we act like children!" Poet laughed when he heard then he walked toward his home.


Next morning...

"Axsaber no! That's bad!" Treant shouted as Axsaber grabbed Poet's hat while walking in the forest. Poet grabbed his hat and said, "My smurf he lost his smurf!"

They walked and they sniffed a campfire. "This way!" Treant said as he pulled Axsaber. They were about to enter a hole in the ground when a rope caught Poet's foot

Gresetta WarriorSmurfette

"Help!" Poet shoted as a purple arrow almost shot Treant.

"Who goes there?" a voice said. Treant was happy and surprised when he heard that voice. "Gresetta!" he called out as a Smurfette landed down in front of him.

"Treant?!" Gresetta said as she got up. "Treant! You escaped!" she paused and lookes at Axsaber, he was chasing a butterfly in circles.

"What happened to Axsaber?" she asked. Treant sighed and was about to speak when another voice interupted, "Smurfnesia?" they all looked up as another Warrior jumped down and used a dagger made of orange light to free Poet.

"OOF!" Poet said. Treant looked at the smurf and said, "Yeah, he smurfed smurfnesia."

Poet got up and pulled Axsaber from running into the river and asked, "Who are these warriors?" then he held Axsaber tight and Treant said, "This is Gresetta, she's our only female Warrior. And this is..." Before he could finish the smurf said, "I'm Axfang, and think twice before you smurf my brother real tight."

Poet looked at Axsaber and let him go. "Dear brother what's smurfed into you?!" Axfang held Axsaber and said, "Come on, let's smurf to camp." Then they all followed Axfang to the camp.


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