"We make the attack tonight..."

"Captain, what's our strategy by then?"

"Don't worry, they have little defense, and a scout told me Axsaber is in smurfnesia... This would be easy..."

"Very well sir..."


"Here's the camp," Axfang said as he led the way he shouted, "Axmint! Tell Falcon we found Axsaber and Treant!" Axmint nodded and head toward a tent.

Axsaber just stared at Axfang and Axfang stared back. "Axsaber smurf out of it!" Axfang shouted infront of Axsaber but Axsaber just raised one brow and Axsaber sighed.

When night came, they all gathered around a campfire while a Medic Warrior was checking on Axsaber.

"So Mashenly, how's he smurfing?" asked Axmint, Mashenly wore a belt with a stash with a lining of plus patterns. "He's fine, lucky I have something for smurfnesia." Mashenly said as he summoned a dagger made of pink light.

"This oughta do it!" he said. He was about to hit Axsaber when a smurf blowed a horn. Their leader, Flacon, asked the two Warriors, "What's wrong Axis and Axel?

Axel was the one who answered, "Am... Am... Ambush!" he shouted. Mashenly shook his head and said, "I better smurf him real quick!" he was about to hit him with the pink dagger when a gray arrow shot his hand and the dagger flew to a hand of a Dark Warrior.

"Not so fast, you can smurf him when we defeated you all!" said the smurf. and he shouted, "Attack!" Then they all charged into battle.

Axfang looked at Axel and Axis and said, "get Axsaber out of here! And you better smurf with them Mashenly!" Mashenly nodded and said, "But I have to smurf my dagger back!"

Axfang shook his head and said, "You can smurf a new one! Now smurf! You too Poet!" Poet ran and followed Axis and the others.

The battle got even tougher. Falcon shouted, "All Warriors! Switch to fire! It'll make them vanish easily! Remember, they're just summoned spirits!"he added, "Archer Warriors smurf to fire arrows! Dagger and Sword Warriors do the same to your weapons!"

Treant was fast and shot four Dark Warriors at once. The four warriors vanished in a flash but a Dagger made with wind hit him and he was unconscious.

Hours past and the battle grew fiercer. After a moment, the camp was silent.


Mashenly managed to make another dagger and said, "Here we smurf!" then he stabbed the syringe like Dagger on Axsaber and Axsaber jumped, "YOUCH!"

Axsaber's vision became blurry and it soon cleared, "Mashenly? Axel? Axis?! What are you smurfing here!" he shouted happily and looked at Poet, but he couldn't spot Treant, "Where's Treant?"

Axel sighed and explained, "You smurfed Smurfnesia, Treant and Poet took you to the camp but an ambush smurfed. And..." Axel paused and stared at his feet.

Axsaber knew what it meant. "And my brothers?" Axis answered, "Captive I think, we went back and everything is burned and gone..."

Axsaber fell to his feet and said, "This is all my fault!" Then he burst into tears.

An hour later he stood up and head for the camp. "Where do you think your going?!" Mashenly asked. Axsaber didn't reply but at last said, "I'm gonna smurf them back wether you smurf it or not!" Then he teleported fast to make sure they wouldn't follow.

"Wait!" Mashenly shouted but it was too late. Axis just rolled his eyes and said, "let him be..." Poet ran to the village and Axel said, "Hey wait!" then he ran after Poet. Mashenly sighed and said, "Stuborn smurfs..." Axis nodded in agreement.


Poet arrived in the village with Axis behind him, "Papa! Pa...Papa... Papa Smurf!!!" he shouted as he panted and fell to the ground, Papa Smurf came out running and asked, "What's wrong Poet?" Poet had to catch his breath before he could speak but Axis spoke for him.

"Um, Papa Smurf..." He paused to make sure the name was right. Papa Smurf looked at him so he knew he was right, so he continued, "If my guess is correct, Poet wants you to help smurf the other Warrior Smurfs free if you could spare some smurfs."

Papa Smurf looked at Poet and he saw Poet nod. Papa Smurf called out, "Any volunteers?" he was sure that maybe no smurf wanted to smurf.

"I will Papa Smurf!" Hefty shouted. Handy was stunned, Hefty said, "I smurfed Axsaber into this mess and I'll smurf our rivalry clean!" Papa Smurf smiled with admiration and said, "Anysmurf else?"

Poet interupted, "Can't we just smurf all?" Then he went back to catching his breath. Papa Smurf answered, "If they all want to smurf then sure." He looked at the crowd and saw they backed away except for Hefty, Handy, Tracker and Architect.

The four smurfs said, "We'll go!" Axel smiled in delight and said, come one! we'll telesmurf there!" Then they held hands, including Poet. And they teleported back to Mashenly and Axis.


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