"Alright smurfs! I Smurfed back up!" Axel said as he dropped Hefty, Handy, Tracker, Architect, and Poet. Mashenly was delighted and said, "Now let's follow Axsaber!"

Axsaber was hiding behind a bush that was near Dark Warrior camp. He watched them carry his fellows to a cage. He waited for the right time.

"Why did I ever teach you alchemy Venus?!" Falcon shouted as the Dark Warrior leader Venus, jumped of a rock and said, "Because your my brother, brother!"

The other Warrior Smurfs including Axsaber was shocked to hear that Venus was their leader's brother.

Venus Dark Warrior

"What's wrong? Shocked?" teased one of the Dark Warriors. Venus tapped the Warrior on the shoulder and said, "Looks like Falcon hasn't told them eh?"

Then Venus said, "Hand my spell book! The Darkness will rule the forest!" Axsaber suddenly shoot an arrow on the Dark Warrior that was handing spell book. The warrior vanished and Venus looke in the bushes.

"I won't let you!" Axsaber said. Venus said, "Surrender! Your out numbered!" Axsaber shouted, "Over my dead smurf!" Then he leaped on Venus and they fought each other.

Axis and the others arrived just in time. "Look!" Handy shouted. A Warrior Smurf heard him and smiled. He looked at the others and whispered, "I have a plan."

Venus got Axsaber tied up and he laughed wickedly. "Now, where was I?" he said, then a Dark warrior interupted, "Look over there!" Venus looked to a nearby bush and saw a warrior running from tree to tree.

Axis kept on running when Axel finally saw four Dark Warriors approaching, he gave out a signal and Axis pulled a rope and a net fell on the Dark Warriors.

Mashenly showed up and said, "It's for your own smurf!" then he stabbed them with cure daggers and they turned into normale Warriors. Axel pulled the net and told the four new Warriors the plan.

"Finally!" Venus shouted as he started to open the spell book to transform all the normal Warrior Smurfs into Dark Warriors. He was about to recite the spell, "Leader look!" Venus sighed and said, "What now?!" he looked over the hill and saw Poet.

"Now isn't this a smurfy place to start a new village eh Hefty?!" Poet shouted and Hefty shout back, "Yeah! It is!" They wanted to make sure the Dark Warriors heard them. Venus said, "Oh no they won't! Get them!" then he turned back to his book.

"Alright, prepare" Tracker said from above the tree. The three Dark Warriors approached and said, "Your in unsmurfed territory! We'll have to smurf you back our village."

Poet answered, "Well smurf my smurf you'll smurf me away over my dead smurf!" Then Hefty kicked the tree to signal Tracker. Tracker let a blanket fall and the three Dark Warriors were trying to struggle free but Mashenly stabbed them and they turned to Warriors.

"I think I'll smurf you first Axsaber tooth tiger!" Venus said as he was about to recite the spell again a Dark Warrior said, "Sir! We only have five Dark Warriors left!" Venus turned around and said, "What?! Where are the..." he paused and saw an indigo dagger cut the cage lock and the Warriors got out.

Venus looked around and saw his old Dark Warriors emerge from the bushes. "We have you out numbered! Surrender Venus!" Falcon said.

Venus and his six Dark Warriors backed away and Venus said, "You think the battle can be smurfed so easily? Well no it can't!"

He summoned his sword and drove it to the ground as the village filled with shadows, the sword summoned many Dark Warriors. "Who's out numbered now?" Then he summoned his Dagger and threw it at Falcon and he shouted, "Charge!"


The battle was fierce. Everyone had someone to attack.

Axsaber attacked Venus and Venus fought back. "You think you could smurf me young warrior? Your nothing but a puny weakling!"shoo

Axsaber felt mad and shoot a dagger at Venus and it wounded Venus' arm. "Not bad for a weak mento! Or should I say, weantor!"

Axsaber fought Venus until at a cliff. "End of the line Venus! You have nothing left!" Venus stood and said, "My warriors will keep on coming until my sword is smurfed!"

Axsaber nodded at Axmint and Axfang. They knew what it meant. They charged for the sword but Dark Warriors blocked them.

They fought until the last one banished.

Axfang threw Axmint and Axmint destroyed the sword into non existance.

Venus was stunned and the Warrior Smurfs surrounded him. He gave out a sigh and said, "Before I smurf..." he paused and surprised Axsaber by scratching a dagger on Axsaber's cheek.

"OWW!" Axsaber shouted and looked at Venus, "May that be a remembrance from you uncle! I will be back! I will be back!" then he teleported away, leaving Axsaber, Axmint, and Axfang thinking, "Uncle? Why Uncle?" Axsaber looked at Falcon.

Axsaber held the wound on his cheek and was surprised to see it was instantly a scar. Then words echoed in his mind, I will be back...

He shook his head to clear the thoughts and walked toward Falcon with Poet by his side. Falcon held his chin high and said, "I know what you're going to ask... And this isn't the day for you to know the answer yet. Soon my dear Warrior... But today, your a hero!" Falcon smiled and held Axsaber's scar.

"He wants you to remember this day, he wants you not to forget he will be back..." Then Axsaber smiled and turned to Poet and said, "I thank you Poet! I thank you and your fellow smurfs!"

Hefty approached Axsaber and said, "About earlier..." he paused and couldn't meet Axsaber's eyes. Axsaaber answered, "Hefty, I understand... I forgive you... Let's not smurf about this again!" Then he hugged Hefty and turned to face the sunrise.

Falcon turned to the Archer Warriors and nodded at them. The Archers was delighted and shot arrows made of sparking light and shot them into the air creating fireworks.

Falcon turned to Axel and said, "I say, you've been a fine fighter like your brother Axis..." He looked at Axis but Axis rolled his eyes. Then he continued, "How'd you like to be Axsaber's apprentice?" Axel was delighted.

Axsaber was shocked and delighted. Axel nodded and said, "I am honored!" then he looked at Axsaber and Axsaber nodded and said, "I agree sir Falcon..." then he smiled and they all walked back to repair their village while Hefty and the others walked to the other direction.

Poet finally had a story to tell and said, "Last one to the village is a rotten smurf!" then they raced to the village and arrived with panting faces.

They also made the others wished they had came too..

The EndEdit

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